We are in the business of developing Leaders

Both Professionally and Personally, our firm is in the business of developing leaders. 

Our Philosophy is simple: If you are not developing as a person alongside your role at work, you may in-name lead others, but most probably there is room for improvement and definitely more satisfaction in your role.   

Let us help.


For Organizations

We co-partner with your organization’s talent management and succession planning initiatives including Learning and Development, DEIB, Training and Development, Organizational Development, and Organizational Effectiveness by offering: 

  • Women's leadership development 
  • All inclusive internal Leadership Development Programs utilizing our Aspire Higher model*
  • Leadership Coaching 1:1
  • Executive Life Coaching 1:1
  • 360-degree feedback assessments
  • Assessments: MBTI® Step One and Step Two, FIRO-B, Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360
  • Organizational Development Consulting
  • Coaching for Groups and Teams
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops
  • Facilitation of workshops and programs for first-time managers 
  • Keynote Speaking and presentations for leadership and organizational retreats

 Organizations, are you ready to build an internal leadership and professional development program for your talent? Ready to outsource the work to the degree you want?  We save ease, time and dollars for your organization by not having to build an internal program from scratch by licensing our signature leadership and professional development program, Aspire Higher ℠.


For Employees/Individuals

We help you learn more and cover more distance so that you're fully effective in your role and we value you as a human being equally -aka, outside of work.  

In career transition? We can also help.

It is our job to help you maximize the skills and competencies that landed you where you are today and then introduce and teach the necessary strategies, tools, and techniques designed to move you even further ahead in life and career.

The results you will experience are timely, transformational, and on-going accessible: More mobility and mental freedom in decision making and problem solving, a stronger Emotional Intelligence, knowledge of self and others, clarity in thoughts, words and actions, and an experience of more internal control and balance that translates into more success and achievement in the outer world of goals, relationships, and purpose.


Are you a female emerging leader (manager or director) in your organization? Check out the next cohort of Aspire Higher women's Leadership Development Program, founded in 2011.


Contact Amy for more information and next steps: 832-419-0639 or Amy@AmyLRobinson.com.