Building a thriving coaching practice

Build a thriving coaching practice so not only you can help your clients but will support your own life and dreams.


Attention new coaches who want to build a thriving coaching business by working smarter not harder. Invest in a virtual VIP Day with 20-year veteran coach Amy Robinson to teach you the top three essentials of starting a successful coaching business.


If you are a new or seasoned Coach, the VIP Day is designed with you in mind!


About the VIP DAY

Are you a new Coach who wants to leverage her unique gifts and strengths to build a thriving and successful coaching business by working smarter, not harder?

Are you a seasoned Coach who wants a refresher on how to build a thriving coaching business?

Invest in a VIP Day: Building a thriving coaching practice.


During your one-on-one virtual VIP session, Amy will dive deep into the three top essentials in launching a thriving coaching business. Without going and working in these areas of your coaching practice you will only work harder, not smarter:


      I.          Mission

   II.          Marketing

 III.          Money


Your virtual VIP Day includes:

  • A pre-assignment to get you anchored and ready to go to work with Amy.
  • A five-hour session of working live and real time on your business: consists of teachings, skills-instruction, exercises and interactive discussion with Amy. 30-minute lunch break included.
  • Online workbook chock full of definitions, exercise, and tips to create your own personal development plan based on your coaching business.
  • 30 days post VIP Day, a 45-minute coaching session to ensure your learnings and motivation.



The Curriculum

Module One: Your coaching business’ Mission.

Take-away: Develop your personal brand that captures not only why you are passionate about coaching but what distinctly separates you from other coaches, and why clients should hire you.

Amy and you will go to work on how-to create Vision, Mission, and Personal Branding to authentically align your coaching business with your unique strengths.

Also, Amy will share how to avoid the top mistake coaches make in their creating Vision, Mission and personal branding that stops them from launching a thriving coaching business.


Module Two: Marketing your coaching practice.

Take-away: Develop a 90-day marketing plan.

Amy and you will go to work on how-to create a marketing strategy that attracts your client base based on your business’ value proposition.

Also, Amy will share what not to do around marketing, avoiding the top mistake coaches make that stops them from starting a thriving coaching business.


Module Three: How your Money strategy is everything

Take away: A Pricing Plan (Cost, Fee Structure, and Terms)

Too often new (and even seasoned) coaches undervalue their worth and over deliver their value.

Amy will teach you how to create a money plan for charging your clients and present it with more ease and confidence.

Equally important, Amy will share the top mistake coaches make in setting their pricing, fee structure, and terms, that stops them from starting a thriving coaching business.


Logistics and Pricing


VIP Day is five hours in length with a 34-minute lunch break.

VIP session includes pre-assignment, online workbook, interactive exercises, personal development plan, and 30-day post session coaching with Amy.

The cost of VIP Day is $1229.00.

Payable prior to the VIP Day. Pre-assignments are sent after full payment is received.

Venmo or Zelle accepted.