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To lead and succeed at life and work be “A Different Smart.”


The path to career advancement and positions of leadership within your organization requires a different kind of smart than what we learned in school. Find out 1) why and how women score higher when it comes to Emotional Intelligence and 2) when to rethink our natural attributes for more work (and life) success and happiness.


The Backstory

In school we are told what is most important to be successful: Making the Grade! Keep your head down, work long and hard, provide the answer your teacher wants, and walk the “Silver Line!” 


The playing field of work is different, however. How well you understand the rules of work while applying Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – but not overusing your strengths- determines your career success.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this interactive energizing presentation, you will walk away with the understanding of:


·      "IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted.”

·      Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and where women out-rank.

·      “A Different Way of Being Smart” rethinking your EQ strengths at work.  


Participants:       Women's Employee's Resource Group and open to all           

Length:                 60 or 90 minutes including Q&A

Location:              Virtual