Impact for first-time managers

Impact is an all-inclusive virtual management and leadership development cohort program for first-time managers which focuses on developing the leadership skills necessary to effectively manage others.


Runs September 2024 through February 2025.


“Being an effective manager takes work and is different from an individual contributor. There is a difference between being a great employee and managing great employees.”



Impact offers to first-time managers:

  • A structured six-month curriculum that combines skills training, group and individual coaching.
  • A synchronous learning environment delivered virtually with real-time interactions, discussions, and coaching.
  • A Communication Style Report administered and interpreted.
  • Four cohort skills-training sessions September, October, January and February. Meets Friday afternoons: 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST.

  • One individual Coaching session with Amy in September, October, January, and February.
  • Four Individual Coaching sessions with Amy in November and December. 

  • A Progress report issued to participant’s manager upon completion. 
  • One coaching session post program. 



The Curriculum 



September 27th

Moving from Doer to Leader: A Manager's Role and Responsibilities.

We kick off in the areas of what managers today are facing as both challenges and opportunities in their roles, functions, and work responsibilities. What anchors us amidst the transitions? Vision and an awareness of our strengths and others we work with. 

We will explore as a cohort how to solve problems, make decisions, and respond with agility in this fast-paced and changing workplace. We will also explore how we shift mindset and practices “From Doer to Leader.”



October 18th

Thinking Strategically: How to pivot from tactile to organizational level.

In a single workday, managers pivot their roles and responsibilities between working for someone, being the boss, and working at the peer level with others to have more influence. How best to navigate short term focus with the longer term (organizational strategy)?

Developing a strategic mindset requires seeing the big picture, seeing patterns in relationships and processes, and dealing with the uncertainties and trade-offs that are part of the complexities of organizations. 

Too often due to the superficial nature of the role, managers get hung up in the weeds, details, and doing-ness of work. Thinking Strategically requires a different mindset and way of doing work. Gain impact by 1) seeing the big picture, 2) focusing on what matters at department level and level of the organization, 3) being future focused.



January 17th

Communicating and Influencing: Develop, Empower and Motivate Others.

Whether you are online or in-person, the ability to communicate effectively with others is more important than ever. Communication is a core leadership function, requiring the ability to think with clarity and express ideas and information to a multitude of audiences. Effective communication is also about listening, asking questions, and aligning words and actions.

Understand the people you work with and their communication style to build your influence and get things done. How well you read others, and how quickly you pivot to bridging styles, impacts your ability to influence most effectively.

We will compare your own style for Communicating using the MBTI Report with different styles in our cohort. You will learn that your way of thinking and acting is not the only way and others think and act quite differently from your own style. Learn how to bridge differences, empower, and influence others through what motivates them in order to achieve the needed business results.


February 14th

Be a smarter versus work-harder Leader by managing yourself and others through Emotional Intelligence.

Transitioning to a leader of people is a challenge. As you continue your leadership journey, what you do and how you accomplish things during this part of the trip will be the experience that propels you further down the leadership road. And it all starts and ends with You. For example, how well you know your strengths as they apply to your role and the strengths of others you work with in their roles.

Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important factors in leader success, interpersonal relationships, collaboration, and mental health. Most people are under-using their Emotional Intelligence strengths. Many are unaware of areas that need a little tweaking. Increased awareness translates to better performance, less stress and increased engagement.


Logistics and Pricing

 Impact offers:

  • A synchronous blended learning environment of skills-training, and both group and individual coaching.
  • A written Progress Report issued to the participant’s manager upon completion of the program.
  • A 90 day follow up coaching session with participant after graduation.
  • Four cohort sessions for instructional skills-training and group coaching to work on real-time issues.
  • Eight individual coaching sessions with Amy.
  • Assessment administered and interpreted: MBTI Communication Style Report.



 $ 3,699.00/participant

Group discount of $250 per 2nd and more enrollee(s). 

No refunds. 


Contact Amy to register your candidate(s).