Executive Life Coaching

Executive Life Coaching with Leaders of Organizations


"Working with Amy is unique in the fact that she combines a laser-like ability to elicit and analyze information from her clients with a deep and genuine regard for that person's total life.

Her talents lie in helping her clients understand that in addition to what is listed on their resumes they bring a host of native talents as well as their own unique spirit to everything they do. Focusing on all of those assets that support finding ways to joyfully engage in their own lives and in the world, while helping them set concrete and clear goals is a powerful combination that goes far beyond traditional career counseling."- Client's Testimonial



Definition of Executive Life Coaching

Executive life coaching is a methodologically structured approach to help leaders and executives succeed and thrive in a highly complex fast-paced and seemingly chaotic world. In executive and senior positions, leadership coaching is not about the acquisition of basic leadership skills. At this level executives and leaders have already cut their teeth in various roles and possess the everyday leadership competencies and skills required to manage. The most typical clients of an executive coach are those people who have leadership roles in a company or organization and may have either formal or informal influence over the people that they are supervising, managing, or leading.

Coaching enables the client to create a personal action plan to address personal challenges through assessment, analysis, action, and feedback.


What you can expect 

Amy helps her clients achieve professional and personal development through identifying strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately optimizing performance by working with the totality of the person:

 "It's my job to introduce and coach the necessary skills to land you where you want to be - a place of greater success, action, clarity, balance, and Peace."



Contact Amy for more information and next steps: 832-419-0639 or Amy@AmyLRobinson.com.