Life Coaching


"Look closely at the present you are constructing; it should look like the future you are dreaming."

-Alice Walker


Personal coaching is Life Coaching.



"Life coaching is a great way to gain personal clarity and vision to define where you're heading and determine your next best steps and goals. Basically, it’s a plan of action for the personal changes you are ready to make in the foreseeable future." -Amy


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching provides further clarity and awareness as well as a plan of action for making changes and improvements, big or small.

Life coaching helps you find the necessary motivation and courage to leave what is secure and known to make changes in work/career, money/finances, living environment, personal growth, health and recreation, community, family, spirituality, or just figure out what you want next for yourself.



How does Life Coaching work?

By identifying what you want and how best to get it based on your unique learning and motivational styles.

Together, we customize your own personal coaching program built around your needs and circumstances.


What are the results of Life Coaching?

Clarity, forward movement, goal accomplishment, increased joy and effectiveness while lowering stress and wasted energy.


Common themes for life coaching include:

Decision Making


In Transition-Now what am I going to do?

Career and In-transition with Career 

Wellness Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Life balance and juggling several important priorities

Self-Care (the practice of making it a priority to take care of yourself)

Life coaching for children transitioning to young adulthood

Other: You fill in


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