Program to help with transitions

“As a transitional coach, I work on behalf of my clients to change the traditional narrative of mid-life career changes and retirement and support the boost to keep going.”

 -Amy L. Robinson


If you are facing a transition at mid-life by asking "Now, what am I going to do? I'm not done yet.” – you have come to the right place to get help navigating career and life transitions.

Amy is an expert in helping her clients discover, define, and set Life Strategy - an integrated set of choices that positions a person to live a great(er) life and help ease transitions.

Life Strategy is an integrated set of choices that is comprised of Self-Knowledge, Core Values, Vision, Strategy, Goals, Action, and Resilience.  

No matter what age or chapter of Life you are, employing time to think and strategize with an experienced coach helps give clarity and direction in having a greater life and one authentically based on You.


The Program: “Now what am I going to do? I’m not done yet.”


We offer a ten-session coaching package that is your opportunity to define, for yourself and on your own terms, what the rest of your life will look like moving forward.


Details of Package:

A ten-session program that consists of a structured curriculum (sessions 1-7) and the last three sessions (8, 9, and 10) are based on ongoing maintenance of your 90-day action plan.

Through our 10 coaching sessions, we will go and work in the following areas:  


Session One: The Story of You.  

Session Two: Looking Ahead (The Infinite Self & The Wheel of Life). 

Session Three:  My Core Values. 

Session Four:  What I enVision for myself. 

Session Five: How to define and execute Strategically on My Vision.

Session Six: My six SMART Goals.  

Session Seven: My personal 90-day action plan. 

Session Eight:  Maintenance of My Plan. 

Session Nine: Maintenance of My Plan.  

Session Ten: Maintenance of My plan. 


* Sessions 1-7 are suggested biweekly and the remaining maintenance sessions (8-10) are monthly.  Suggested completion of 10 session program is eight months.



Pricing and Terms:

The cost includes:

·       All coaching exercises and an online workbook.   

·       Ten (10) sixty-minute individual coaching sessions with Amy over Zoom.  

·       Flexibility in scheduling sessions. 


Pricing: The cost of the program is $1999.00.

Terms: Full pay at onset and prior to first session, or three installments of $667 are due before the first, third and sixth sessions. If no payment received session is not held.

Venmo or Zelle accepted.