Client Testimonials

Below are testimonials from Amy's clients according to category. Additional references available upon request. Contact Amy at or 832-419-0639.



Aspire Higher! Women's Leadership Development Program:


"Amy will provide you all the tools needed to become an emerging female leader.  She tailors the class to suit your needs; you get to work on developing your weak points while you sharpen your strengths. There is both a class and one-on-one based approach so not only to you get to learn from Amy directly, but you also get to bond with other woman in an environment that will leave you feeling energized each and every time.  If you have never taken a course like this, do not hesitate to get a seat in the next class.  The growth and development experienced in a mere six months is something that is worth your time."


"I highly recommend the Aspire Higher Leadership Development Program to female leaders at all levels.  Amy’s ninja coaching skills are exceptional!  After her program, I feel very secure in my strengths, areas of development and next steps. "


 "Anyone desirous of improving their impact inside or outside the workplace should consider the Aspire Higher program.  Amy will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the self -work required to meet your goals while maintaining your authentic self."


"Mentor, coach, sounding board, thought partner, supporter - these are the words that come to mind when I think about working with Amy Robinson during the Aspire Higher Women’s Leadership Development Program.  Each session with Amy was an opportunity to learn and develop into the type of leader that I aspired to be.  Amy customizes her leadership coaching to fit the needs of each individual by using different feedback techniques.  Amy helped me process my day-to-day leadership experiences.  Through that critical self-reflection, I am able to apply the lessons I’ve learned to new leadership opportunities.  Amy is outstanding, and I highly recommend working with her through the Aspire Higher Women’s Leadership Development Program or through individual coaching."


"Amy's Aspire Higher Leadership Development program gave me the push I needed to go to the next level. Her coaching style is thought provoking and straight forward. One of my favorite talks that she gave at a conference is "Get Your Ask Up". Thanks, Amy, for your dedication to meeting people where they are and providing a framework to move to the next level."


"I had the privilege of working with Amy as a member of her Aspire Higher Women’s Leadership Program and can’t say enough good things about her approach. Her 6-month program, part-group-coaching and part-individualized-focus, allows for a unique opportunity to not only work on personal vision and goals but also learn from other female leaders who have their own stories, successes, and challenges to share.

The Aspire Higher program is a wonderful investment in growing yourself both personally and professionally. Like most things in life worth doing, the program requires that participants stretch outside of their comfort zone; it takes a great deal of self-awareness, openness to feedback, and willingness to actively participate. Amy has a great ability to ask the hard questions and push for growth, all while maintaining a climate of positivity and genuine care."


"Aspire Higher! is an intense, stimulating and excellent learning experience in leadership development geared specifically towards women. While the program focuses on developing leadership skills within the workplace, it also gives you powerful tools to use in your personal relationships as well.

I was amazed at how much you can learn in such a short period of time. The wealth of material and topics covered would at first seem overwhelming, but Amy’s program outline is planned so that it is all easily absorbed in the perfect timeline.

Amy exhibits a genuine interest in each participant while building a sense of camaraderie among the group. She is an enthusiastic and approachable coach and presents the material in a way that is made applicable to each individual. Amy’s passion for training is unsurpassed.

This experience has been the highlight of my career and has enabled me to expand my scope as an administrative professional. I highly endorse Amy Robinson and recommend her Aspire Higher! Women’s Leadership Development Program."


"In Aspire Higher a unique program for high performing women, Amy imparts skills that can immediately be put into play, resilience in addressing challenges, and a deepening of one's emotional intelligence. Amy has the innate ability to cut to the core of an area for growth and share insightful feedback and effective action plans in a frank and highly supportive manner. Best career (and life) investment I've ever made."


“I recently completed Aspire Higher and would highly recommend the program to any woman wanting to take her career to the next level. I recently changed careers, and I couldn’t have taken the program at a better time. I learned a lot about myself, how I work with others, and my leadership style. While the program is great as a whole, I really started seeing progress during the portion of the program where we have weekly 1-to-1 phone calls with Amy.  Amy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and having the opportunity to talk and ask her questions on a weekly basis was invaluable. Amy is very gifted at what she does, and she works with each participant on an individual basis to help her grow and excel. The information I learned over the last six months will stay with and help me throughout my career.”


"I completed two of Amy's 4-month Women's Leadership Coaching courses, Aspire Higher. Under Amy's guidance, I learned a lot about my personality and leadership style, and she helped me to put specific goals and plans in place for improvement.

Amy is truly inspirational. She will broaden your perspectives and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. She strives for excellence and authenticity in her own life and that of her client. If you want to up your game in your career or personal life, then I recommend you contact Amy."


The Aspire Higher program was of great benefit to me, not just professionally but personally as well. Amy’s genuine interest in helping each individual achieve her goals and craft her vision makes the program incredibly effective. I found the combination of group learning and self-reflection to be very effective and have grown as a leader in the 6 short months of the program. After graduating from the program, I’m going into my professional and personal life environments with more self-confidence and tangible strategies for achieving what I want to achieve in the workplace. I would recommend Amy’s coaching and the Aspire Higher program to any women in the workplace who are looking to find their path and build upon their strengths to progress in their careers.



Small Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

"In 19 years of business, I have read most of the self-improvement, business strategy, and autobiographical tomes from the New York Times bestseller lists. Despite this, Amy has presented me with NEW ideas that have quickly produced tangible and life improving results. She is ultra-professional, insightful, and nonjudgmental in her approach. If you are serious about change, give her a call. You will be impressed with her insight into what it will take for you to overcome whatever is currently holding you back from success and happiness in your life." - J.A.M., Business Owner/Entrepreneur


"Working with Amy has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Once the way is clear, Amy's coaching provides a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep me on the path that I have chosen. Over the last year I've seen my overall personal and professional life effectiveness grow consistently." - D.W., Certified Life Coach and Pastor


Life and Career Coaching for Individuals

"I contacted Amy when I needed to rebuild and gain more success in my life, career and financial health. She helped me navigate through the Gap- the area between my current situation and where I really wanted to be. Amy supported me in discovering what I really wanted, deserved, and then together we planned the practical action to achieve my goals. She taught me tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles, including changing my own self-limiting beliefs. The results from working with Amy were extraordinary: higher paying job, new car, reduced debt, improved credit score, my own place at the beach - a childhood dream fulfilled! To this day, I continue to use the tools Amy taught me and I am excited and ready to go to the next level. I cannot recommend Amy Robinson enough. She placed me on a path of prosperity that I didn't know existed for me. Thank you, Amy!" - D.T., Registered Nurse


"Working with Amy is unique in the fact that she combines a laser-like ability to elicit and analyze information from her clients with a genuine and deep regard for that person's total life. Her talents lie in helping clients to understand that in addition to what is listed on their resumes, they bring a host of native talents as well as their own unique spirit to everything they do. Focusing on all of those assets that support finding ways to joyfully engage in their own lives and in the world, while helping them set concrete and clear goals is a powerful combination that goes far beyond traditional career counseling." - S.S.V., Published writer, freelance writer, consultant and counselor


Corporate Workshops and Team Building 

"Amy's presentation to our team was thought provoking and interesting. Her presentation style put the group of about 80 team members from all over the company at ease and engaged. One of my co-workers mentioned the event to me this morning and said it really made her think about her life in a different way."  -Managing Director, Training, Continental Airlines


Speaking and Presenting

"I would highly recommend Amy Robinson as a speaker to your group, organization and company. She is a charismatic, dynamic, and a knowledgeable presenter on life coaching. Her style positively challenged and engaged our Bariatric patients at the Methodist Weight Management Center in going to their next level - getting clear about life goals, turning obstacles into opportunities and setting realistic and motivational action-steps forward. We look forward to having Amy return this Fall. We LOVED HER and have asked her to come back again!" -Mary Jo Rapini, Psychotherapist and LPC, Texas Methodist Hospital