AH2 Cohort Program

AH2 -Aspire Higher for Senior Leaders at work and life.

AH2 is a virtual cohort program focusing on connecting and supporting women as leaders in their career and life roles.  It is named for Aspire Higher's second tier of female leaders, VP and SVP. 

 Next cohort begins September 20, 2004, from 10am-11am EST.

AH2 is a one-year, peer-based cohort of female senior leaders that focuses on real-time discussion, advice, support, coaching and networking on topics that matter most to career and life enhancement.

Be part of a cohort of other Powerful women coming together to become better leaders, and women.


Benefits of enrolling.


  • Grow as a woman leader by clarifying and confronting real time work and life situations with effective solutions and results.
  • Connect to a network of other leading women.
  • Build a personal board of peer advisors who will help guide, support, and coach you to aspire higher and level up in effectiveness and life-satisfaction.


Your cohort will be comprised of female peers across roles, functions, industries, and career trajectories, to broaden knowledge and network.



How AH2 works.


Amy facilitates the sessions, and the cohort selects the topics for discussions. Possible topics (but not limited to):

Negotiating for promotion

Delegating and providing feedback

Setting boundaries for work-life balance

Positioning for more visibility, influence, and impact

Managing relationship with boss

Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Gaining confidence in communication

Building healthier relationships

Creating a strong personal brand

Positioning as expert in field

Relieving burnout

Regulating emotions at work

Transitioning to a new role or career

Balancing and prioritizing work-life


Except for the first two sessions (S1 and S2), the cohort program is not a set curriculum and real time challenges and opportunities are prioritized.

Sessions three through eight are comprised of topics the cohort decides. Peer coaching, advice and guidance will be delivered throughout each session; expect to receive and give coaching each session for real-time situations and challenges.



Logistics and Pricing.


A yearlong cohort program that meets virtually for eight (8) 60-minute sessions:


September 20th

October 25th

November 15th


January 17th

February 14th

March 7th

April 4th

May 2nd


Cohort meets from 10:00a-11:00a EST.

Three (3) individual coaching sessions with Amy included. 



$8999/participant for one year program.

Paid by your organization or self-pay.

Payment plan arranged for self-pay. 

No refunds but can be applied to a future cohort.