Read what employees are needing at this time from their organizations and leadership:


My company has gone through an INCREDIBLE amount of change aside from COVID and done an amazing job of communicating with candor and clarity to our employees and trying to be positive when appropriate while still being realistic. I'm VERY impressed with how my company is supporting our employees in these uncertain times.




I am battling with being grateful for being employed vs knowing that we aren’t doing our best keeping our employees healthy.




I have been so impressed with how my company has handled the pandemic. I truly do believe we've been one of the best. This week was a hard week for me, though. Felt burned out.




It is my hope that organizations learn from this experience and be more engaged with staff...Everyone should be supported and feel safe and not worry about retaliation.



Our business is one that has been completely stopped. The executive team remains committed to weekly Q&A session covering everything from financial current/future to operations and people. It's an incredible effort, genuine, and needed.




Our new normal is not normal at all. We have made masks, delivered bread, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and now meat to employees who work for us.


Source: Human Capital Institute 

May 29, 2020 | Blog 

COVID-19 "Taking Your Talent Pulse" Weekly Results"



Business Case for enrolling your Managers in IMPACT! Leadership Development Program:


In order to build a stronger company, you must build a stronger talent pipeline.


Reward your managers by equipping them with the necessary success and leadership skills in managing their roles more effectively.


Here's Why.


Your managers play a bigger role in building a pipeline of thriving talent than they may realize, and it’s increasingly important that you empower them to do this successfully. Failure to provide your emerging leaders with the support they need is a very real business problem.










Article Findings on What Organizations Need to Provide for Engaged Employees:



How do you lead and inspire employees amid a global pandemic that's creating anxiety and uncertainty everywhere?


Gallup meta-analytics have found four universal needs that followers have of leaders:

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Stability
  • Hope


These needs are especially urgent during crises. People look for these leadership traits as a signal that their life will be OK and that they can be part of the solution.

More than ever, employers and HR professionals should prioritize soft skills in hiring, onboarding, training and development, performance management, promotion, succession and retention.  

Use Gallup's COVID-19 Leadership Audit - the tool includes five items built around the most important actionable organizational practices that will increase trust, compassion, stability and hope. 


COVID-19: What Employees Need From Leadership Right Now BY JIM HARTER




"For today's times especially, related soft skills would include active listening, resilience, perseverance, approaching disagreements in a solution-finding rather than fault-finding manner, and having an abundance mentality versus scarcity mentality."



Compassion may be the most valuable asset of all. In his recent SHRM webcast, Arthur C. Brooks, Harvard professor and columnist for The Atlantic  pointed out that compassion is a better leadership trait than empathy. "An overly empathetic leader can become an annoyance. Empathy doesn't necessarily translate into useful action. In today's times, what we need are compassionate leaders."



Leaders and Employees Need Soft Skills Now More than Ever


Robinson & Associates Consulting LLC  

Founded in 2004 our national firm's specialty is to help increase performance impact of your greatest asset – people – through leadership and organizational development. We specialize in leadership development programs, training and facilitation, and executive coaching for both individuals and teams.


Amy L. Robinson, Founder

Known as “The Leadership Lady” Amy and her colleagues coach 1:1 and groups in developing the following skills:






Creating Vision

Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Thinking & Planning

Time Management

Team Effectiveness


Productivity & Organization

and more


Organizations: R-WE Ready!

Let us help your employees engage and succeed in this new era of work by recommencing with the essential skills to navigate discomfort and change though our video series: "Readiness Workforce Essentials" or R-WE



At Robinson & Associates we believe COVID-19 and our nation's current state of affairs represents a new opportunity in improving employee engagement, performance, and retention for your organization.


 Here’s Why.

World and national events are causing much disruption and discomfort in your employee’s work-lives. Your employees want to know their leadership is listening, cares and can offer empathy, support, and investment in managing these current times. In effect, they want connection, care, and direction from you right now.


“Readiness Workforce Essentials” or abbreviated R-WE video series introduces the necessary skills-building for recommencing at work. 



How the Series work. 

“Readiness Workforce Essentials” is a three part series (three videos in each series) and consists of three programs. We set ourselves apart from other webinars and video offerings. Our firm focuses on the ABCD’s of your employee's engagement:

  • Awareness
  • Brevity
  • Customization
  • Delivery


In each video of the “Readiness Workforce Essentials” series,


  • We highlight the most valuable learnings and take-aways via acute awareness of today’s employees needs in the new era of work and work environment.


  • In a work world that is inundated with meetings and webinars that bite into actually doing the work, our videos are designed with brevity in time (no more than 45 minutes) and economy of language without sacrificing impact.


  • Each series includes customization in the form of an introductory message from a company leader demonstrating a bonding, caring and supportive atmosphere that visibly emphasizes "We are all in this together." 


  • In a work environment saturated with meetings and live webinars employees are rushing to attend we pre-record our videos to be watched conveniently at any time. Recordings are even available for your new hires as part of orientation. Also unique in our videos delivery is the fact two seasoned coaches present resulting in a more fresh, multi-faceted, interactive learning environment.


Next Steps.

Choose from one of the below R-WE series or all three.


We suggest all employees undergo this series first.  

I. “Readiness Workforce Essentials For Employees”  topics:

1. Stress Management: Shift your mindset from surviving to thriving

Experiencing high levels of stress does not have to be accepted as the new normal. This video session will help you expand your stress management toolkit by mastering three key strategies for identifying and managing stress triggers.

2. Embracing Change as an Opportunity to Succeed

Although changes can be frightening and disruptive, with the right mindset and skillset, you can embrace change as an opportunity to succeed. This video session will share techniques to shift your mindset to view change as an opportunity as well as provide you with essential skills to ensure that you not only survive, but thrive in your new work environment.

3. Resiliency: Reframing perspective in a New Normal

A crisis is also an opportunity to build resilience. If you successfully implement the tactics we offer in this video, you will not only find that they will help you adapt to the challenges that come with changes in your work environment, but  you can also emerge stronger and more resilient to stress and changes that continue to come up in work and life.



Then, provide your managers and supervisors with the necessary fundamentals to lead and manage others during this new era of work by offering,

II. “Readiness Workforce Essentials For Managers and Supervisors” topics:

1. How to Lead your Team in Uncertain and Uncomfortable Times

It is one thing to lead your team in the day-to-day business of doing business, it is another thing to be able to lead your team during a time of unprecedented crises. Learn the four essential factors that highly effective leaders use in guiding their teams through change and transition.

2. Effective Communication during Transition

Now is not the time to keep quiet. Change is a time when leaders need to communicate more than any other time. Leaders need to know how to use communication as a change strategy. This video session will address 10 key strategies to help leaders communicate through transition and change.

3. Strategic Time Management 

Time management is a strategy. Failure to manage time effectively decreases productivity and increases stress. In this video session, leaders will learn how to get more done by prioritizing their work and managing their energy.



III. Readiness Workforce Inclusion topics:

SHRM defines inclusion as “the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization's success. This video series will address the three pillars to building an inclusive workplace.

1. Senior Leaders

The company’s vision, mission, values, and driving principles, along with the behaviors demonstrated by senior leaders, create an alignment that promotes a workforce to proactively engage in inclusive practices. In this video session, leaders will be guided on how to develop an organizationally wide culture of diversity and inclusion.

2. Frontline Supervisors

For a strategy of cultural diversity and inclusion to work, supervisors need to be equipped with the mindset, knowledge, and confidence to create an open environment of trust and respect. This session will address the challenges a supervisor might face and the strategies to overcome those challenges.

3. General Workforce

When employees, who are different from their colleagues, want to contribute, they sometimes face barriers. Those barriers can be real or perceived. This session will open the minds of the employees so they can recognize when and how their biases, filters, and assumptions get in the way of giving and receiving diverse thoughts and new ideas, as well as appreciating other cultural differences.



Each series includes

  • Intake interview with leadership to create and customize introductory message
  • Inclusion of your employees most pressing questions
  • Three (3) 45-minute videos filled with content designed to educate, inspire and transform 
  • Dynamic discussion and delivery by two seasoned leadership coaches
  • Pre recorded videos can be viewed anytime - we handle recording and share for your intranet 
  • Follow up intake and recommendations on next steps 



Contact Amy directly at 832-419-0639 or .