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Are you a female high-performer at work who wants more success or a company looking to implement in-house a professional development program for your top female talent? Check out Amy's Aspire Higher program.

Amy coaches high achieving men and women ASPIRE in their careers and lives.

We help high performing individuals create the value they’re looking for by delivering quality in the following areas:

  • Career Development and Mobility
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Presence and Leadership Finesse
  • Time Management, Organization and Personal Productivity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Team and Group Dynamic
  • Gender-balanced partnerships
  • Problem Solving, Decision Making and Communication Style


* Aspire Higher is our signature leadership development program for female high performers within the organizational context. Also offered in-house to attract and retain female top talent and build leadership pipeline.


Is this YOU?

  • A high-performing careerist
  • Already successful
  • Not broken or in-needing of fixing
  • Feeling temporarily stuck but definitely ready to get moving forward again
  • Desiring a clearer career and life vision for the next one, three or five years
  • Ready to be held accountable for changes you say you want to make
  • Seeking a more fulfilling career and needing help, guidance, motivation, and a plan for moving forward
  • Other (you fill in)


How We Work Together

Together, you and I will collaborate and discover your natural strengths and ways to overcome any temporary blocks so you can move forward for more success. We'll then formulate a plan of action, set achievable and easily-measured goals and benchmarks so you can chart your progress through the coaching process. We'll discover what uniquely motivates you, while enhancing your problem-solving, decision-making and communication style.

"It's my job to introduce and coach the necessary skills to land you where you want to be - a place of greater success, action, clarity, balance, and peace."


Through regular in-person, phone or Skype sessions monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, and your choice of a 90 day through eighteen month program.

"Home" work assigned between sessions.

Personal Development Plan assigned and customized to your unique goals.


Clients' Testimonials:

"Working with Amy is unique in the fact that she combines a laser-like ability to elicit and analyze information from her clients with a deep and genuine regard for that person's total life. Her talents lie in helping her clients understand that in addition to what is listed on their resumes they bring a host of native talents as well at their own unique spirit to everything they do. Focusing on all of those assets that support finding ways to joyfully engage in their own lives and in the world, while helping them set concrete and clear goals is a powerful combination that goes far beyond traditional career counseling."


 "A few years ago, a life-changing event caused me to reconsider the direction my life and career were heading. 

I wanted to do something more fulfilling and which would give me a sense of purpose. I knew I had many options, but did not know how to refine the ideas, and identify which was the best path for me.

Amy guided me in a systematic way, considering my strengths and passions and exploring career options, including the option of starting my own business.

It was a journey of discovery that taught me a lot about myself and gave me the skills and confidence to make the changes needed to succeed."


 "I contacted Amy when I needed to rebuild and gain more success in my life, career and financial health. She helped me navigate through the Gap- the area between my current situation and where I really wanted to be. Amy supported me in discovering what I really wanted, deserved, and then together we planned the practical action to achieve my goals. She taught me tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles, including changing my own self-limiting beliefs. The results from working with Amy were extraordinary: higher paying job, new car, reduced debt, improved credit score, my own place at the beach - a childhood dream fulfilled! To this day, I continue to use the tools Amy taught me and I am excited and ready to go to the next level. I cannot recommend Amy Robinson enough. She placed me on a path of prosperity that I didn't know existed for me. Thank you, Amy!"


"I learned an incredible amount during the time I worked with Amy . . . Even more, I continue to build upon those learnings.  Amy has an amazing ability to read her clients and customize coaching and development plans for them. I highly recommend Amy's coaching services for those seeking individual coaching or the Aspire Higher program for those seeking a group coaching experience."



"Amy was spot-on with her recommendations and analysis. From the first coaching session she helped me look at things from a different perspective, which resulted in true added value."

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