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Executive Team Development


“Assume accountability now. Understand success starts at the top of your organization. Now practice it.”

- Amy L. Robinson, Founder and Lead, Robinson & Associates Consulting, LLC



Trends in Coaching:

  • CEOs are asking to be coached: 78% say it is their own idea vs. the Board’s idea.
  • Boards are making talent development and succession planning a high priority and challenging CEOs to keep this front and center.
  • “How to handle conflict” ranks as highest area of concern for CEOs.
  • Coaching is losing its stigma and becoming more transparent as a leadership development program within organizations.
  • Coaching market is growing—56.2% of survey respondents have increased spending in the last three years.
  • A key trend is the rise of internal coaches—developing in-house capability to expand reach achieve greater flexibility.
  • Organizations are building evaluation into their coaching programs.


Our Process in developing your Executive Team:

First we’ll act as consultants to help understand and align our process with your organizational strategy.

Then we’ll facilitate the actual process of executive team development:

  • Growth-and outcome-based —measurable objectives set at the beginning.
  • Focused on leadership behaviors and business results —with deliberate practice, challenge, and feedback.
  • Integrated with talent and leadership development initiatives and models.
  • Structured, yet flexible, and responsive to business needs and changing dynamics.
  • Partnership-based and interactive with HR and your culture.
  • Measurable –with periodic scheduled progress reports.
  • Competent with access to the most effective assessments and tools.
  • Sustainable—results are maintained once the assignment ends.


Our Deliverables (includes but not limited to):

  • Act as organizational consultants and co-partners with your key leaders in “kickoff phase.”
  • Vision: Assume 35,000 feet or aerial view of your team’s priorities, objectives and outcomes.
  • The drill down: Identify specific goals and outcomes and make as measurable as possible.
  • Mission: Discuss strategy in executing.
  • Focus on outcomes such as retention of key staff or team engagement.
  • Design an evaluation process before coaching begins.
  • Facilitate coaching process (group and individual).
  • Conduct measures (Level 1 Evaluation) at midpoint and end of program.
  • Use 360 Data and other assessments to establish a baseline.
  • Repeat 360 Data –interviews post-assignment to measure change (at end of assignment and six months later).
  • Link actions arising from coaching to performance management measures.
  • Use as many touch points as possible to evaluate progress and success.


We'll help tailor a specific scope of work based on your organizations strategy in developing the Team. 

Amy acts as the lead for the full body of work and co-leads the facilitation of executive team development with her associates.

Contact Amy for next steps at 832-419-0639 or