We partner with winning companies who prioritize women's career progression and professional and personal development.


We help winning corporations across the country support their top female talent by offering a unique in-house professional development program based on a peer-coaching model. Designed to improve your company's effectiveness in attracting, recruiting and retaining women, Aspire Higher prepares your top female talent for leadership and career success by helping them assess and access their leadership capabilities and hone essential leadership skills, including negotiation, communicating, creating vision and strategy, and influencing. The program teaches concrete strategies for career advancement adding to your talent strategy and leadership pipeline. Aspire Higher also helps women understand and master the gender dynamics in the workplace and develop effective strategies for managing these dynamics for their own success.

If you want to learn how to position your organization and talent strategies towards the attraction, retention and development of female talent, contact Amy directly at 832-419-0639.



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Through workshops, training sessions, group coaching and private coaching, our firm will show you how to leverage your strengths and identify the possible career derailers common to many high performers and organizations in order to achieve the results you need.



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Are you a female high-performer at work who wants more success or a company looking to implement in-house a professional development program for your top female talent? Check out Amy's Aspire Higher program.

 We'll help position your organization and talent strategies towards the attraction, retention and career development of your talent pool through the following offerings:


Performance and Leadership Consulting · Executive Coaching · Professional Development Programs · Leadership Development · Gender Training · Career Coaching · Team and Group Facilitation · Women’s Leadership Programs · Workshops and Seminars · Speaking and Presentations · Management Consulting


We specialize in the career development of emerging and current talent through offering unique and innovative programs based on peer-coaching models that help participants assess their leadership capabilities and hone essential leadership skills, including negotiation, team building, and influencing. Gender Training is a big component of our offering.

Amy understands the significance and complexities that organizations face in developing their leaders in the 21st century. As a recognized national leadership coach in the business of developing people within the organizational structure, she is known as the “People Strategist”, and “Queen of Human Dynamics” at the workplace. Sited for her strong communication skills, strategic planning, the ability to close the gap in her clients’ dilemmas, and her unrelenting position for authentic and passionate leadership, Amy is a truth-telling and transformational coach for results-oriented organizations and high-performing individuals and teams who want to aspire higher. In addition, she is a skilled facilitator and inspirational presenter on professional development topics, business leadership skills and competencies, and effective team-building.


Areas of Expertise include within the organizational context:

  • Gender Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Female Leadership Program
  • Team Building and Development
  • Training Managers how-to Coach their employees
  • Administering and Interpreting Myers-Briggs Step I and Step II



Contact Amy for plans and rates.

Contact us at 832-419-0639 or Amy@AmyLRobinson.com.