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Are you a female high-performer at work who wants more success or a company looking to implement in-house a professional development program for your top female talent? Check out Amy's Aspire Higher program.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Amy coaches the business owner when s/he has become the bottleneck of his/her own business.

Amy is called in when the owner is temporarily stalled to 1) help identify the blocks and 2) plan action to move forward.

She specializes in helping her clients sustain and revise purpose, passion and profit to their businesses.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Time Management
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving, Decision Making and Communication
  • Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Delegation
  • Work Boundaries
  • Work Life Integration
  • Leading Others

Clients' Testimonials:

"In 19 years of business, I have read most of the self-improvement, business strategy, and autobiographical tomes from the New York Times bestseller lists. Despite this, Amy has presented me with NEW ideas that have quickly produced tangible and life improving results. She is ultra-professional, insightful, and nonjudgmental in her approach. If you are serious about change, give her a call. You will be impressed with her insight into what it will take for you to overcome whatever is currently holding you back from success and happiness in your life." - J.A.M., Entrepreneur/Business Owner Financial Services

"Working with Amy has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Once the way is clear, Amy's coaching provides a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep me on the path that I have chosen. Over the last year I've seen my overall personal and professional life effectiveness grow consistently." - D.W., Certified Life Coach and Pastor  

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