"Mentor, coach, sounding board, thought partner, supporter - these are the words that come to mind when I think about working with Amy Robinson during the Aspire Higher Women’s Leadership Development Program.  Each session with Amy was an opportunity to learn and develop into the type of leader that I aspired to be.  Amy customizes her leadership coaching to fit the needs of each individual by using different feedback techniques.  Amy helped me process my day-to-day leadership experiences.  Through that critical self-reflection, I am able to apply the lessons I’ve learned to new leadership opportunities.  Amy is outstanding, and I highly recommend working with her through the Aspire Higher Women’s Leadership Development Program or through individual coaching. "


"Amy's Aspire Higher Leadership Development program gave me the push I needed to go to the next level. Her coaching style is thought provoking and straight forward. One of my favorite talks that she gave at a conference is "Get Your Ask Up". Thanks Amy for your dedication to meeting people where they are and providing a framework to move to the next level."


"I had the privilege of working with Amy as a member of her Aspire Higher Women’s Leadership Program, and can’t say enough good things about her approach. Her 6-month program, part-group-coaching and part-individualized-focus, allows for a unique opportunity to not only work on personal vision and goals but also learn from other female leaders who have their own stories, successes, and challenges to share.

The Aspire Higher program is a wonderful investment in growing yourself both personally and professionally. Like most things in life worth doing, the program requires that participants stretch outside of their comfort zone; it takes a great deal of self-awareness, openness to feedback, and willingness to actively participate. Amy has a great ability to ask the hard questions and push for growth, all while maintaining a climate of positivity and genuine care."


"Aspire Higher! is an intense, stimulating and excellent learning experience in leadership development geared specifically towards women. While the program focuses on developing leadership skills within the workplace, it also gives you powerful tools to use in your personal relationships as well.

I was amazed at how much you can learn in such a short period of time. The wealth of material and topics covered would at first seem overwhelming, but Amy’s program outline is planned so that it is all easily absorbed in the perfect timeline.

Amy exhibits a genuine interest in each participant while building a sense of camaraderie among the group. She is an enthusiastic and approachable coach and presents the material in a way that is made applicable to each individual. Amy’s passion for training is unsurpassed.

This experience has been the highlight of my career and has enabled me to expand my scope as an administrative professional. I highly endorse Amy Robinson and recommend her Aspire Higher! Women’s Leadership Development Program."


"In Aspire Higher a unique program for high performing women, Amy imparts skills that can immediately be put into play, resilience in addressing challenges, and a deepening of one's emotional intelligence. Amy has the innate ability to cut to the core of an area for growth, and share insightful feedback and effective action plans in a frank and highly supportive manner. Best career (and life) investment I've ever made."


“I recently completed Aspire Higher and would highly recommend the program to any woman wanting to take her career to the next level. I recently changed careers, and I couldn’t have taken the program at a better time. I learned a lot about myself, how I work with others, and my leadership style. While the program is great as a whole, I really started seeing progress during the portion of the program where we have weekly 1-to-1 phone calls with Amy.  Amy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and having the opportunity to talk and ask her questions on a weekly basis was invaluable. Amy is very gifted at what she does, and she works with each participant on an individual basis to help her grow and excel. The information I learned over the last six months will stay with and help me throughout my career.”


"I completed two of Amy's 4-month Women's Leadership Coaching courses, Aspire Higher. Under Amy's guidance, I learned a lot about my personality and leadership style, and she helped me to put specific goals and plans in place for improvement.

Amy is truly inspirational. She will broaden your perspectives and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. She strives for excellence and authenticity in her own life and that of her client. If you want to up your game in your career or personal life, then I recommend you contact Amy."


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Are you a female high-performer at work who wants more success or a company looking to implement in-house a professional development program for your top female talent? Check out Amy's Aspire Higher program.



Established in 2011, a GLOBAL Women's Leadership Development Group Coaching Program delivered virtually or within your organization*


 Registration is now open for the next virtual class beginning

January 9, 2019. 


Early Bird Savings of $750.00 off regular pricing (see below). Must be registered no later than 12/31/18.


To register, contact Amy directly at 832-419-0639 or email Amy@AmyLRobinson.com.  


About Aspire Higher

Founded in 2011, Aspire Higher is our signature six month professional women's leadership development program based on a peer-coaching model that blends skills-training classes and both private and group sessions with a dynamic curriculum designed to build the necessary skills for career and leadership success for female high performers (manager to director level) within organizations.

Facilitated by Amy L. Robinson, Executive Leadership Coach.



* Attention Organizations: Aspire Higher is also offered within companies as a professional development program and path in attracting, developing and retaining top female talent. We partner with winning organizations internationally in offering this proven and unique peer-coaching model to enhance your talent strategy and succession planning initiatives. Contact Amy directly for additional information at 832-419-0639.



What is Aspire Higher?

Aspire Higher is a six month group coaching program offered to professional career women and facilitated by nationally-recognized executive coach Amy L. Robinson. Aspire Higher is designed to teach female high performers within organizations (manager to director level) the necessary skills to advance in their careers and lives while developing their authentic leadership presence and brand.

 “Aspire Higher is a high impact, holistic, and cohesive learning experience dedicated to accelerating the development and succession of high potential emerging women leaders through female-peer connection, skills-based learning, and on-going coaching support. This leadership development program teaches the process of developing your wisdom and power as a woman leader in career, business and life." – Amy L. Robinson, Lead Coach and Facilitator


Participant Testimonial:

"I learned an incredible amount during the time I worked with Amy and participated in the Aspire Higher series. Even more, I continue to build upon those learnings.  Amy has an amazing ability to read her clients and customize coaching and development plans for them. I highly recommend Amy's coaching services for those seeking individual coaching or the Aspire Higher program for those seeking a group coaching experience." (more testimonials found on column to the left)


Who is this program for?

Any professional career-minded woman - emerging or current leader, high-performing employee, entrepreneur, small business owner, community leader, first-time or seasoned manager - who wants to grow her influence, power and contribution to her business, organization, community and life.

Are you . . .

  • A leader who wants to apply your leadership skills in a new way
  • An emerging leader who wants to develop her ability to lead authentically and successfully
  • At a crossroad of career change and craving transformation both internally and externally 
  • Yearning to be a more coherent leader
  • Desiring greater satisfaction in your work-life balance
  • Called to lead change
  • Sensing your time has come for what is possible for yourself more fully
  • Committed to closing the gap between your career Vision and how you live each day

Participants' companies include: Central Bank of Houston, Southern First Bank, Amazon, Occidental Petroleum, Dow Chemical, BP, University of Houston, BB&T, Oracle, Baker Hughes, Mustang Energy, Schlumberger, Baylor College of Medicine, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, Teach for America, The Bogliasco Foundation, and the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto.

Results of enrolling in this program include:

  • Identifying your Communication Style through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • 360-degree feedback reviews assessing your strengths and areas for growth.
  • Creating clarity in career vision and strategy.
  • Improving performance in an existing role.
  • Sharpening capabilities for the next role.
  • Boosting productivity at work and home.
  • Building leadership presence and brand.
  • Learning how-to assert and negotiate for what you want and need.
  • Developing authentic management and leadership skills.
  • Experiencing a fuller and more satisfying work-life experience by tapping into your feminine wisdom and power.


The Six-month Curriculum

January and February

Career Tools: MBTI® Communication Report and 360˚ Feedback Survey

Our virtual, six-month group Leadership Development Program kicks-off with each participant taking the Myers-Briggs Trait Personality Communication Report and participating in a 360˚ Feedback Survey.

Amy is a Certified Practitioner of the MBTI® and will administer and interpret the results of your personality type. Even if you have taken the MBTI® in the past, be prepared for a deeper, more multidimensional and holistic understanding of your natural Communication strengths, preferences, and areas for growth.

Based on your MBTI® type and results from 360˚ Feedback Survey, these two months will be devoted to shaping your Career Vision and Strategy and building your Leadership Presence and Brand, unique to you. Each participant will begin to develop herself in the following areas:

  • Setting Direction and Accomplishing Career Goals
  • Inspiring Others to Follow
  • Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone
  • Developing Vision
  • Communicating Effectively

Take-ways and Results: Identification of your career vision and goals, natural strengths and areas for growth, and unique leadership presence and brand.


March and April

Biweekly one hour minute private phone coaching sessions each month

For these two months, you will coach privately with Amy on a goal/topic of your choice. Input from your manager is strongly encouraged.

Possible topics include:

  • Building your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Enhancing your Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Drawing and Defending your Boundaries at Work
  • Improving your Time Management and Personal Organization
  • Dealing Effectively with Difficult People
  • Leveraging your relationships at work
  • Increasing your personal power and influence at-work
  • Managing others more effectively at-work
  • Goal-Setting
  • Strategic Planning and Project Management
  • Career Enhancement and Advancement


Assertiveness and Communication Training and Effective Negotiating at-work

Learn how to effectively negotiate and ask for what you want by developing assertiveness, confidence, clarity and focus in purpose through your authentic personal power and influence. Amy will teach you the necessary tools and strategies to grow your muscles of asking and negotiating effectively and authentically. Learn the difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Confront fear and move forward with confidence in asking and getting what you need and want.


June - Graduation month

The Four C's: Clarity, Confidence, Competence, and Care

We'll wrap up our program with sharing our specific findings in the areas of increased clarity (focus), confidence (self-esteem), competence (skills-building) and care (work/life balance and resiliency) as they relate to your roles at work and in life. The two calls this month will follow a special script that highlights the knowledge and insights leaders develop in their journey to become more effective, resilient, balanced, grounded and focused.


Program's Logistics

This virtual, six-month program runs January through June. With the exclusion of March and April, the monthly format consists of:

  • One tele-training class every month (second Wednesday) with accompanying worksheets and personal development plans for action and accountability.
  • One 60 minute private phone coaching session with Amy.
  • A group coaching call (fourth Wednesday) with your female-peers in a supportive, confidential and safe environment.

During the months of March and April biweekly one hour private phone coaching sessions with Amy on achieving your special goal.


  • Exercises, homework and done-for-you templates of lesson plans.
  • Private client access to Amy's state-of-art web-based management system to keep you organized, accountable, motivated and productive.
  • Small class size in order to foster an intimate and accelerated learning environment.
  • Assignment of accountability partner (classmate).
  • Recordings of training classes and group coaching calls.


Dates and Times of Training Classes and Group Coaching Calls

Tele-training classes during January, February, May and June:

  • 2nd Wednesday
  • Begins 7:00 p.m. EST, 6:00 p.m. CST, 4:00 p.m. PST (United States)
  • 75 minutes in length
  • Dates: January 9,  February 13, May 8 and June 12
  • Replays available

One-to-one coaching with Amy: During the first two and last two months of the program, you and Amy will have monthly 60 minute private phone coaching sessions. You will have access to Amy's private calendar to schedule appointments.

Group coaching call during January, February, May and June:

  • 4th Wednesday
  • Begins 7:00 p.m. EST, 6:00 p.m. CST, 4:00 p.m. PST (United States)
  • 75 minutes in length
  • Dates: January 23, February 27, May 22 and June 26
  • Replays available



The regular cost of the program is $ 5,750.00 per participant and includes:

  • Four (4) skills-training classes
  • Four (4) group coaching sessions
  • Eight (8) private coaching sessions
  • A 360˚ Feedback Survey
  • MBTI® Communication Report
  • Four (4) Workbooks
  • Four (4) Personal Development Plans
  • Two (2) months of private coaching exclusively with Amy in an identified performance-improvement area.

Early Bird is $ 5,000.00 ( $750 savings ) and must be registered by 12/31/18.


Approach your employer for sponsorship. Upon request, Amy will email you a business case for enrolling in the program to be shared with your employer for sponsorship.  Full payment due at time of registration and prior to program start.

No Refunds.



To register, contact Amy directly at 832-419-0639, or email Amy@AmyLRobinson.com


"Women Leaders plan their lives, are strongly motivated, and move along a forward path. They know what they want, they get things done, they're goal-oriented, and they're willing to take healthy, calculated risks to get where they want to be. Leaders know how to develop their personal power and abilities to be more effective. They have a clear vision, identified purpose, confidence, and while in the process of mastering core competencies that build on their strengths around their most cherished goals, they are also mastering how to compassionately apply self-care routinely in their lives."

- Amy L Robinson, Executive Coach and Facilitator of women’s group leadership coaching program Aspire Higher


Contact us at 832-419-0639 or Amy@AmyLRobinson.com.