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New Beginnings

Posted 9/7/2015

When I am not traveling I have a morning routine of sitting outside just after awakening. It’s my personal time – no one but me. The house is quiet. I am quiet. Sitting in nature is one of my favorite things to do-never boring; always full of interesting changes and transitions to observe. Last week I noticed the first tree in our backyard beginning to change color and although I have yet to feel Fall-like temperatures, I know change is imminent.

September 1st symbolizes much more then advancing the calendar. For me, this time of the year represents new beginnings and fresh starts – Change and Transitions. There are the customary external and quite visible changes: school buses, Halloween Candy (really!), and even fallen leaves. In my work life, the changes are also apparent: the next class offering of Aspire Higher begins tomorrow night, a heavier travel schedule for the next four months, several booked Keynote speeches, consulting assignments and presentations for various corporate clients who are launching their own business initiatives and so on.

Amy, this week’s newsletter begs you to think about where you “stand” in relation to transition and changes in your own life or career. There may be no external changes that are visibly apparent yet, but instead the urge for a new beginning is dawning within you.

I’ll leave you with The Parable of the Trapeze by the late Danaan Perry. And ask of you this one question “Where may you be between the bars?”

Amy’s Updates:

  1. Our newsletter’s frequency will be changing to once-a-month.
  2. Registration is now open for the ninth class offering of Aspire Higher, Amy’s women’s leadership development group coaching program. Early Bird Savings through October 16th. Approach your company for sponsorship now. Details here.

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